Barnak talk page

Put the name of your knot at the top of the page. (done)

The picture of your knot has disappeared. (done)

You need to prove that your knot is not tricolorable. (done)

Conway: You need a picture of your tangled knot in the Conway section (fixed, but see below)

Signed planar graph: not started (mostly done, see comment below)

Knot picture on main page: make smaller, move to right, remove dead image. (done)

Conway: make your knot picture larger. (done)

Signed planar graph: The picture you drew should be in the justification box. Outside the justification box should be the signed graph. Also, give it its own section, like the others (not done yet) (done)

Unknotting number: you've shown that the unknotting number is less than or equal to 2, why can't it be less than 2? (done)

Genus: include a picture to go along with your text. The entire justification should be in the box. (done)

Jones: your exponents aren't exponents. (done)

Genus: how do we know it is minimal genus?

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