Dewey talk page

Add the name to the top of your page (done)

You didn't justify that your knot was alternating. (done)

Your knot seems to have disappeared on your main page (fixed)

This comment is for the Dowker notation, the alternating diagram, and the tricoloring diagram: The justifications for the should be in a collapsable box like the other ones. Make your diagrams larger so that we can see it clearly (it will be inside the collapsable box). (done)

Conway: you have not started this. (done)

Signed planar graph: not started (partially fixed, see below)

Bridge knot: I don't understand how your pictures show that it is a 2-bridge knot. You need to draw it so that there are exactly two maximal overstrands. (not fixed)

Tricolorability: small typo in your justification. (done)

Signed planar graph: your signs are not correct. Also, this should be in its own section, just like the others. Have the signed graph outside the justification box and the checkerboard knot inside the justification box. (done)

Genus: you need a picture to go along with your justification. How do you know this is the minimal genus? (partially fixed, see below)

Jones: your exponents aren't exponents. Your justification should be a complete sentence. (fixed)

Genus: how do we know it is 2 and not 1?

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