Murray talk page

You need to put the name of your knot at the top of the page. (done)

You need to justify that your knot is alternating. (done)

The picture of your knot seems to be missing. (done)

Alternating: don't capitalize "alternating". Make your picture a little larger so we can see it clearly. (done)

Dowker: you need to add the justification. I don't know if your notation is correct or not because I don't know where you started or which direction you traveled. (partially fixed, see below)

Tricolorable: not started (partially fixed, see below)

Conway: not started (partially fixed, see below)

Signed planar graph: not started (still not started)

Bridge number: not started (partially fixed, see below)

Genus: not started

Jones polynomial: not started (partially fixed, see below)

Dowker: Picture should be in the box. Your 2, 4, 6, 8 are in the wrong locations.

Tricolorability: you need a justification

Conway: your signs are not correct, justification box missing

Bridge number: you need a justification

Polynomials: your exponents are not exponents

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