Tan talk page

You need to put the name of your knot at the top of the page. (done)

You need to do the alternating knot section of the page. (done)

The picture of your knot seems to have disappeared. (done)

Alternating: Your diagram looks good. It should be accompanied by a complete sentence, not a fragment. (partially fixed, see below.)

Dowker: you need to add the justification. I don't know if your notation is correct or not because I don't know where you started or which direction you traveled. (partially fixed, see below)

Tricolorable: Good justification. Now put the justification in a box using ">". (partially fixed, see below)

Conway notation: not started (partially fixed, see below)

Signed planar graph: not started (done, except small comment below)

Bridge number: not started (still not started)

Dowker: you have a typo. Also, you should say a little more to justify the notation. Explain what is happening, you should also show how the pairs of numbers match up.

Alternating: grammar problem and punctuation problem.

Tricolorability: put the picture in the justification box too

Conway: Your picture should look like a tangle with the northern strands joined and southern strands joined.

Signed planar graph: change the name to signed planar graph

Unknotting number: not started

Genus: not started

Jones polynomial: your justification should be a complete sentence.

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